Today, Touring does a lot more than support you on the road. We also monitor the health of those you hold dear. With our expertise we can help you find a suitable second hand car. We support you when you are on holiday... or if you no longer leave.

You move, Touring too.

We help you move... on the road, but also in life. Sounds a bit abstract and yet accurate. An explanation...

A problem with the air conditioning, a flat tire or dead battery? You know you can count on Touring. We come to your rescue since half a century, to the farthest corners of the country.

Thanks to that sense of togetherness we could strengthen the solidarity among the road users with a service like Touring Mobilis.
We advise you also online. Before you hit the road or pack your bags.
These are examples of free support, because we really do not help only when you have a problem.

When the going gets tough, we make it easier
Touring protects you day in and day out. We know that, when you cancel a trip, it’s not really what you want to do. Therefore we propose the most complete cancellation insurance on the market.

One of your relatives is still quite active, but he or she needs some extra attention? We watch over him or her throughout Belgium by means of Touring Medicare Mobile.

You have a dispute with another driver as a result of a collision? Our legal assistance can prevent you from legal proceedings that might be unnecessarily complex and expensive.

When Touring comes to your place 

We put you off at your garage. We wish you a pleasant journey. A cuddling in bed? No, we don’t go that far.
The question is: what services provides Touring at home?

We come to your home if your car doesn’t start because of a problem with the battery for example.
We also provide coverage for cancellation of your holiday and we monitor the health of all those dear to your heart. Even when they sit quietly at home.

In short, for all the minor and major inconveniences that you can encounter every day.
Inconveniences that make that you can’t pick up the children from school. Your job that you suddenly lose. A family member that becomes ill unexpectedly.

In that sense, we have developed our services to you. We are indeed well aware that one small problem often entails bigger ones.

All over the world 
Forest fires in Greece, natural disasters and avian flu in Asia, floods in France, attacks in Spain...You better not think about all of this or you never get out of your house anymore.

Bit you turn off the television and leaf through a holiday brochure... Immediately you feel the itch and you forget very quickly that the world does not always rotate.
Therefore, Touring also takes you by the hand beyond the familiar boundaries. In case of technical and as well as medical problems.

A déjà vu feeling? 
You have it right. We are not the only ones who can help you abroad.
But with Touring, you are standing in the center. With travel insurance packages tailored to your needs.
After all, you don’t have to pay for technical assistance if you aren’t traveling by car.
And you don’t have to pay for a whole year of assistance if you take only a week's vacation. And if something goes wrong, you will be helped your own language. Even the repatriation is carried out under the guidance of the medical staff of Touring.
And what before you leave?
Even then Touring is watching over you! You can contact our medical information line for expert advice. They tell you what vaccines you need for which destination.

Hola. Dag. Bonjour. Hello.
Wherever you are, Touring rushes to the rescue.
No, we aren’t deceiving you! We are the only organization in Belgium that is part of the international network of ARC Europe and the IAF. Hence!

Through these organizations we can guarantee you abroad almost the same quality service we offer you in Belgium. And then there are our international actions. For example the alert for traffic bottlenecks of holidaymakers abroad.
The publication of safety testing of new cars. Improve access to the medical infrastructure. Alerting the government to the fact that we need  protection. Now and always!

Thanks to this international collaboration, we offer you hundreds of benefits and discounts throughout Europe and beyond!

Welcome to the world of Touring